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Although we promote Softwashing for a lot of our client needs, there are some instances where Pressure Washing is still preferred by our clients and we are more than happy to provide. Pressure washing uses a high amount of water pressure (PSI) to clean exterior surfaces and can be used on surfaces such as the following:

  • Concrete

    • Sidewalks

    • Pathways

    • Driveways

  • Paved Patios

  • Brick

  • Fences

  • Stone

  • Durable Exterior Surfaces

What are the benefits of Pressure Washing?

1. Improves your property's curb appeal creating a clean, and professional appearance.

By using a highly pressurized washing system, we use a large amount of pressure known to effectively remove exterior surface stains giving your property a well maintained look. 

2. Save time and effort

Conventional methods of cleaning not only take extreme time but effort as well. By investing in db Softwashing to take care of all of your power washing needs, we are able to get the job done quick and efficiently. Our team of trained experts will have you property pressure washed in no time. 

3. A great option for the environment

With our Pressure Washing services, harmful chemicals are not always a necessity. By using extremely high amounts of pressure, the water works using a high velocity to remove stains and bacteria from exterior surfaces. 

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